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I am a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist based at St George’s Hospital, London. I work for South West London & St George’s MH NHS Trust in close partnership with Atkinson Morley Regional Neuroscience Centre based at Atkinson Morley Wing, St George’s Hospital, London, UK. I am responsible for providing a tertiary care regional neuropsychiatry service to the population of South West London and Surrey.

I am also responsible for providing neuropsychiatry services to the Wolfson Neurorehabilitation centre, Wimbledon. This mainly focuses on Neuropsychiatry of Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke.

I have a particular interest in the Neuropsychiatric consequences of Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cognitive (Memory) Disorders, Functional Neurological Symptoms, Organic Psychiatric conditions and Neuropsychiatric Disorders following various Neurological Illnesses.