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Medico Legal Work  

This page and information contained in here is primarily intended for solicitors considering an instruction for the preparation of a medico-legal report.

My Expertise

I have extensive experience of preparation of medico-legal reports and have had necessary training. I have received instructions from claimants, defendants and as a single joint expert. Relative proportion of the instruction source varies from time to time. Over the last year I have received 50% instructions as single joint expert, 30% from claimants and 20% from defendants. Occasionally instruction has been on judge’s order directly.

I mainly act in civil matters and have acted only rarely in criminal matters where there were specific issues within my area of expertise.

Clinical areas of expertise

Traumatic Brain Injury
Neuropsychiatric consequences of Brain Injury including PTSD
Organic Psychiatric Disorders
Neuropsychiatric consequences of various neurological conditions
Memory disorders
Somatoform & Dissociative Disorders
Affective disorders
Organic personality disorders / changes
Apathy-amotivation symptoms / syndromes

Medico-legal areas of expertise
Personal injury
Clinical negligence
Mental capacity issues
Testamentary capacity
Fitness to plead

Terms & conditions for preparation of medico-legal reports
Brief CV

Estimate of time required

Actual time taken to prepare a report depends upon the complexity of the case and amount of the paperwork. An average report requires about 10 hours of time including time to assess a patient, read the necessary documents, liaise with solicitors, write and check the report. Some reports can require up to 15 or more hours but for such report estimate is discussed before hand.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a specific query or wish to discuss any issues in relation to the estimate.