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Neuropsychiatric Conditions  
Examples of various Neuropsychiatric Conditions are as follows:
Psychological, behavioural and psychiatric consequences of traumatic brain injury (Brain Injury)
Memory disorders including amnesic syndromes, psychogenic amnesia, early onset dementia and mild cognitive impairments.
Non epileptic fits / seizures
Medically unexplained neurological symptoms.
Non neurological movement disorders.
Psychological, behavioural and psychiatric consequences of various neurological conditions including Epilepsy, Stroke, MS, Parkinson’s disease, Encephalitis.
Organic psychiatric conditions
Sleep disorders
Apathy-amotivation syndrome in relation to various neurological conditions
Rare neuropsychiatric syndromes including genetic and degenerative conditions.
Co-morbid neurological and psychiatric conditions.
Mood and anxiety disorders associated with neurological conditions
Stress related neurological symptoms and disability
Organic personality change